30 Before 30

About a year and a half ago, I had a 101 in 1001 list. I even had a blog that went with it and managed to complete several things off the list. However, my prioritites seemed to be constantly changing, and I was always revising the list, which felt a bit like cheating. I discovered my problem was that, with 101 goals, something was bound to fall through the cracks. So I revised for the final time and came up with 30 goals to meet before I am 30, which is seven years from this June 19th.

30 Before 30
1. Have a Baby - Complete. Alice Avery, born August 15, 2011
2. Attend the Olympic Games
3. Visit 5 major European Cities (0/5)
4. Visit New York City
5. Visit Quebec
6. Visit 10 New States (0/10)
7. Live Green via composting, natural cleaners, ect ect ect
8. Renovate the House
9. Read 100 books in one year (100/100) - Completed with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adam, December 29, 2010
10. Learn to Play an instrument
11. Read the Entire Lord of the Rings series (1/3)
12. Start a Kitchen Garden
13. Work in a Library
14. Go on a Domestic Mission Trip - Naples, May 2010
15. Go on an International Mission Trip
16. Join the Disney Vacation Club
17. Trash the Dress
18. Learn Spanish
19. Go on a Cruise
20. Run a 5K
21. Run a Half-Marathon
22. Write a novel
23. Attempt to have a novel Published
24. Attend a Book Signing
25. Be Debt-Free
26. Be a Stay at Home Mom
27. Sew My own (or my children’s own) clothing
28. Attempt to Cloth Diaper- In progress and going strong
29. Get my degree and CDA
30. Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows: Midnight Premier: Be There - Completed July 15, 2011. Eight months pregnant and didn't get up to pee once. Such is the power of Harry Potter. **It's real to us**