About the Blogger

<---This is me. I'm pretty awesome. I spend most of my time reading, learning to knit and trying hard to stop being so judgey. When I'm not doing any of those things, I'm thinking. About everything. With so much going on in my head, I sometimes feel I need to empty some of it out into the interwebs to make room.


<--- A year ago, I married this guy. He's pretty awesome too. Sadly, the baby isn't ours. She belongs to his sister. We're working on our own. He thinks as much as I do, but he's too busy listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks to blog about it.

I read, He games. We live life happily, if a bit by the seat of our pants. This blog is supposed to be about us, but is also about books, and my thoughts on everything, and hopefully, eventually, about our as-yet-unconceived kiddos and our trip to Rio in 2016, and our European Tour and the rest of the advetures we spend our time dreaming about.

Stay tuned.