Home in Progress

When Paul and I bought our home, we had a handful of items that could be deemed furniture, including a futon and a "couch" from Ikea. I use quotations because a couch is a place where people can sit comfortably, sleep, ect. You can do none of these things on my Ikea couch. But I digress
Our home is 1200 square feet, with very little storage space. The goal is to find storage where there is none, furnish the house entirely, and hopefully, in a few years, turn a profit on the house from our various home improvement efforts. The list is daunting, but there is time.

Master Bed
Guest Bed
Media Console
Dining Table
Storage and Shleving
End Tables

Dining Chairs
Chair and a Half

Home Improvement
Build the Deck
Retile Kitchen and Bathrooms
Lay hardwood in living room
Redo bathrooms
New Kitchen Sink
New countertops