Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mockingjay - Midpoint

I'm only three chapters into Mockingjay, and Katniss...

Oh Wait.



Anyway. Katniss is driving me INSANE.

"I'm emotional and sad and my response is to be useless and ungrateful to everyone around me!"

Unacceptable, Katniss. Get your s**t together.


  1. so very much agreed. I ended up liking it overall, but jaysus, sometimes she needs to grow a pair and get with the program.

    however, I often remind myself that if I was in her place, I probably would have waved Prim a happy farewell in book 1, as she left for the hunger games. so maybe I should let Katniss b*tch once in a while?

  2. She's getting a little better...sort of...I guess.
    We'll see if she can manage to stop driving me insane by the end of the story.