Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Late

It's late, so please note the following:

I just got home from a concert where my father drank his weight in cranberry and vodka, then begged for a burrito on the way home. I love my family.

I have been thoroughly berated for referring to my ovaries as "broken". So I retract that statement. My ovaries are lazy and have the collective work ethic of a paraplegic sloth.

I am a wig-dying failure. I will never be a Cosplay genius. Also, if you know how to dye a polyester wig, please enlighten me. It mostly still looks blond, only with maybe a disease whose symptoms include sickly purple streaks.

MY laundry is not done and I am ignoring its pleas for washing. I have a blog to update here.

My nails are super pretty. I would take a picture, but I haven't a camera. Please take note of this and add it to your Christmas shopping list

Gone with the Wind = awesome book. Slow read.

The end.

Love ya.

Good night.

and Good luck.

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