Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Olive

That's my baby: A green olive.
On December 2, I took a ridiculously early pregnancy test and was shocked to see the faintest of all faint positives. Paul wasn't even sure he could see a line, and I spent the rest of the day in "pregnant or not" limbo.
The next morning returned a darker positive, the third morning, a definite positive, and the following day, a digital readout of "Pregnant" on a digital test.
So today I am officially nine weeks knocked up. It's the first morning in about five weeks I haven't woken up wanting to vomit, which is a plus, and I was finally able to stomach the delectable smell of Chef-Boy-R-Dee, which I love with all my heart.
It's a short post today, but I promise (maybe) to be better about posting, now that I actually have soemthing to post about.
OIh, heavens. I just became that woman who thinks she has nothing interesting to say unless it pertains to motherhood.
Saints preserve us.

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  1. congrats! i felt the same way when i got my positive..."oh crap, i'm going to be a totally lame baby-topics-only blogger now." i am fighting the good fight to stay interesting anyway. ha.