Friday, December 4, 2009


Being sick is the worst. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick while taking care of a baby (make that a sick baby, and you may as well just shoot me in the face)Alas, here I am, thanking God that Baby Girl is sleeping soundly upstairs. I trid to get her to nap an hour ago, and that only ended in tears (for both of us, sadly)Luckily, BG's mother is coming home early, and while I smpathize,becaus she is sick too, I have never been more excited to hand off a child and blow out of there like...well, like something that blows out of somewhere very fast. I'm bad at metaphors. Point is, I have never been so impatient with a child than I was today. After all, isn't it me always telling her older brother that she cried because she can't talk, not to be annoying? Today I have ignored that quiet, logical voice, and have allowed a crying baby to move me to tears and begging. Real begging. As if she understands the words "Please stop crying" as anything more than gibberish.

The other bad thing about being sick is the pregnancy assumption. There are, as we know, no other reasons for a married woman to be sick other than pregnancy, and so any mention od feeling under the weather is invariably greeted with knowing glances and raised eyebrows. I hope that when the blessed day of pregnancy does arrive, I will simply tell people, rather than leave cryptic clues alluding to my deteriorating health. Also that it doesn't make me feel like this, because this is horrific.

The one good thing about being sick is getting sick on a Friday. Now, this is debatable, especially among circles prone to having actual "plans" on weekends. I do have plans tomorrow, but regardless, I have an entire weekend full of sleeping on the couch and watching Christmas specials stretching out before me, broken only by an obligatory trip to the airport, for which I will make my appearance and then race home. I may not even change out of my pajamas. That'll teach her to fly home when I am sick.

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