Friday, August 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

My Favorite TV Show

I feel a smidge silly titling them like this. It feels very third grade essay. Such is life, I suppose.The truth is that Paul and I only have about four channels, so we don't get to watch any of the super juicy trashy TV that is on the premium channels. Which may b a good thing. We had the Style network for about a month when we first signed up with our cable company, and I spent every hour I wasn't working watching Wedding shows and The Dish. Incidentally, Topanga has glammed up a bit, yes?
Since I don't have access to all the latest gossip and such, I turn to two of what I feel are the best made shows on TV. Poor people's TV, because who even knows what's on the other channels.

Glee. The quirky, adorable summer romance that you know isn't going anywhere, but that you just can't let go of, because it's going to be wonderful while it lasts. Or something. When the season is going, I play the soundtrack nonstop. I finally manged to convince the hubster that it is a worthwhile show. We watch together now, and I've actually heard him humming the tunes when he thinks I'm not listening. I know the truth though. I heard him call Puck a douchebag when he told Quinn she was fat.

The Big Bang Theory

If Glee is the quirky summer romance, Big Bang Theory is...something else, but better. I'm really no good at analogies. I'm not even really sure I spelled analogies right. Sheldon would know, I'm sure. There's really not much to say. I just love it so very very much.

I'd also like to throw out an honorable mention to the only reason I would ever consider getting HBO, and NO it is not True Blood, that show is awful. Awful, I say.

Look at him. Isn't he delicious? And he has a driver names Turtle. TURTLE.
And also I love E. And Ari Gold. And Drama. Vince is kind of a maroon, but he is so yummy.

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