Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

20 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm doing this with pictures. You've been warned.

20. Babies. Especially the one I take care of. She has delicious jelly-filled cheeks. I can't post a picture of her precisely, but here is an adorable generic baby:
19. Show Tunes. Like, for serious. Give me music I can belt it out to, and I am set. No picture. Sorries
18. Taylor Swift. Because her music makes me want to drive my non-convertible car with the top down.

17. Honey Nut Cheerios. They are delicious.

16. Hyperbole and a Half. Have you read her blog? For serious, go read. Like, now.

15. Kittens. Mine especially. They are snoogly and adorable. I don't have any pictures of them though. They won't hold still long enough. Oh, well.

14. Building things with my own two hands. I am le handy, thanks to Ana at Knock Off Wood. I built a bookshelf.

13. Weddings. I went to one Saturday, and I don't have any pictures yet, but I love weddings. A LOT. Here's one from mine:12. My niece and nephew. I have seven nieces and nephews, but these two live very close and I get to see them often, and they just light up my day every time.11. The Color Pink

10. My Husband' Family. I love them. They are the bestest inlaws EVAH

9. My Family. They are also the best Evah.

8. Movie dates with this chick:7. The Pioneer Woman. I want to marry her.

6. Books of all shapes and sizes.

5. The fact that my librarians know me by name, face and occupation.

4. That the summer is over and two of my charges are back to school.

3. Writing

2. Living Life

1. This kid. He makes my heart beat a little faster:

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