Friday, January 8, 2010

More about the reading

I'm on my third book of 2010, which, as it is the eigth of January, makes me wonder if 25 is a laughably easy goal. At this rate, I should finish around 15o books this year. But I won't. That's just silly. I am, However, upping the goal to 50 books this year. And Dammit, I've lost my point. I had one, but now I've forgotten. Phenomenal.

Libraries! That was it.

I recently found my library card and remembered that there is, in fact, a library only a few blocks from my house. This startling discover came after I spent half th day worrying about how I would afford to buy all these books. Then I remembered: there's a magical place that will just let you take them for FREE.

But not until I pay off my $20 fine. I have a tendency to borrow books and just go ahead and keep them. Forever.

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