Monday, January 18, 2010


My computer is sadly broken, which means that my only blogging, nesting and/or facebooking moments are going to be caught at work when the baby consents to an actual nap. It's almost the end of January (sort of), and I'm reevaluating a few things.

Coupon-ing. I didn't blog about this, mostly because it is le boring, but I've finally begun, and hopefully it will save my sweet husband and I a great deal of money. My emplyers have agreed to give me their coupons from the Sunday paper (suckers) so long as I agree not to take any of the coupons for baby things...for the baby I don't have. The best discovery so far: EGG coupons!! For EGGS! I have now made myself very sad with my own boringness.

50 books in 2010 - I've already read 11, so I feel like, at this rate, I may have read all 50 of them by May, and then I have nothing to aspire to for the rest of the year. So I am upping the number (again) to 100 books. I also discovered audio books recently, which may be the greatest thing ever. I don't much enjoy listening to music in my car, and the "law" says that I can't read while I drive. But ha-HA to the law, because I can have someone read TO me while I drive. It's my own personal way of sticking it to the man.

Blogging - I rather enjoy this blog. I don't know that anyone besides my mother reads it, but I enjoy logging on and talking abot whatever I feel like talking about, without all the pesky interruptions that come with conversation.

Babies - My husband made the mistake of pointing out the wittle baby shoes when we were in Target yesterday, which is hardly fair. My ovaries are now weeping.

Ah well.

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