Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I finished my AA this winter, which, after five years, is quite the accomplishment, I suppose.
Now, though, I'm dealing with the decision of what to do next.
I have three main choices, none of them exactly what I want, and none of them with exactly what I need for them to fit into my life. I have an incredibly busy life, so the ideal program is available online, with few out-of-class requirements.

Career Goals:
- To teach.
- To work in a library

Education Options:
- B.S. in Early Childhood Education.
Pros: Highly Specialized Degree; Allows me to pursue my passion; Entire degree (almost) available online
Cons: Requires a full day, one-semester internship that I cannot afford to quit my job to accomplish

- B.A. in English
Pros: No Internship; Allows me to get college credit for reading and writing, which I do anyway.
Cons: Little to none is available online

Pros: only two classes left to completion. available completely online, no internship
Cons: Not a bachelor's degree, would not allow me to teach at a higher level than Pre-K

Decisions, Decisions.

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