Thursday, March 4, 2010

A - Z New Authors

For those of you who pay attention to my sidebars (though I don't know why you would.), you may have noticed the new list labeled A - Z new authors in 2010. As if reading 100 books in 2010 and participating in the Nest Book Challenges wasn't enough, I've decided that at least 26 of my books need to be new authors. I'm allowing three of them to be authors I read for the first time this year, but before I started the challenge.


1. Authors must be new to me, meaning I have never read any of their work before.
2. Pen names and audiobooks are acceptable.

Q should be interesting...As should Z

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Can first or last name apply, or are you just doing last name?

  2. I would prefer to just use last names, but if I incredibly stuck on one, I am not above cheating a bit :-)